Idea #19 - Why Science should pay the world's best digital artists to visualize their dreams

Dreams are cool. Dreams are weird. Dreams are mostly ignored.

But why do we ignore them? If there is anything fascinating in this life, it’s dreams. What is it about dreams that makes people reluctant, even apprehensive to talk about them?

Is it because dreams still confound us despite our best efforts? What we know is minuscule compared to what we don’t know.

Outrageous claims surround dreams. Seeing the future. Meeting loved ones. Inventing. Knowing impossible things. But most of all: why even have them to begin with? Where exactly is the dream world? What is it? Because it’s not this world. It’s not even like using one’s imagination. It’s something altogether different. AND I FOR ONE WANT TO KNOW WHAT AND WHY!

In the last 20 years, for the first time in history, artists have been empowered with a digital revolution. Artists are faster, better, and more versatile than ever before. Talented digital artists can paint, draw, and sculpt almost anything they can imagine in a matter of minutes, and I believe that such a gift should not be used solely for entertainment. We need some of these artists to help us decipher the world of dreams from the inside out.

A world-class artist could easily paint a few digital paintings and numerous drawings during the hours immediately following a dream. With advances in VR on the near horizon, it will not be long before a digital artist will even be able to recreate the environments of his or her dreams in a way that others can experience them “like a dream."

If you could live someone else’s dream, would you want to? If you were seen in someone else’s dream would you be interested to know what happened? If you spoke in someone else’s dream would you want to know what you said?

If there were a YouTube channel that told other people’s dreams using world-class artwork would you subscribe to it?

If we had dozens of artists “drawing their dreams" on a daily basis do you think we would learn more about the dream world in a year? In 5 years? In 10?

I believe it’s a no-brainer. As an artist, an adventurer, and a dreamer, I see the dream world, not Mars, as our next great frontier. It’s a fascinating universe of discovery, symbols, and chaos.

Let’s start making our nightly dreams - not our waking dreams - a reality - and see what happens next!