Idea #18: Why I Chose to Give Away My Sketchbook Rather Than Shelve It

This idea is currently being executed in the form of Free Sketch Night @ 311 Gallery each First Friday Raleigh.

The Problem

Real animators are rare, and as such most people never meet one unless they go to a comic convention or live in LA. I didn't find exposure to real animators until college in my mid-20s, and all through school I was behind my peers because of it. If you think a good piano teacher is hard to find -- try finding a good animation instructor!

The Solution

Host a regular Free Sketch Night in the community with the primary purpose of increasing local awareness of animation and animation careers.

Rather than hoard my drawings until I die in sketchbooks that just collect dust I choose to draw on looseleaf paper and give all my sketches away each month at a local gallery during our monthly art festival First Friday Raleigh. In addition, I draw custom sketches from 6pm - 9pm.

Participants can choose to wait for a custom sketch of anything THEY dream up, or pick a sketch (while supplies last) from my free sketchbook.

How does this help me as an artist?

First, allowing others to "borrow" my skill set for a few minutes to bring to life an idea of their own devising is extraordinarily fulfilling for me!

Second, it keeps me drawing regularly and pushes my boundaries because I don't want to disappoint!

Third, it helps drive traffic for the host gallery, which helps my community which I live in.

Finally, sketch recipients are encouraged to share their sketches on social media and tag me, which never hurts!