Idea #23: The Device Apple Should Have Made Instead of the Macbook Pro with Touchbar

The Problem

Apple is certainly getting the technical things right with thinner, faster, and more powerful mobile computing, but if you're like me you've felt a lack of vision and excitement in the last few years at their releases. "Underwhelmed" is the word I see in many reviews. But what's the problem? Where should personal mobile computing be going if thinner and lighter is "underwhelming"?

The Solution

A brand new device designed from the ground up with one purpose: to unleash human creativity with optimal speed and precision.

I call this device the Mikebook Pro. And it truly is a book - designed from the ground up be used like one.


The guiding principle for every aspect of the Mikebook Pro experience is that the enemy is input.

Input. Your keyboard is an input device. So is your trackpad and mouse. So are your fingers. When you think about it, even all those stupid menus you dig through are all just input devices. The only thing anyone really cares about, though, is the output. I just want to get the idea in my head into this window as quickly and accurately as possible. Everything else are just tools to that end. 

The enemy is input

Rather than constraining creatives with decades-old input devices, Mikebook Pro liberates creatives to use whatever input devices best suit their needs. It's two 12.9 inch Force Touch surfaces make the traditional laptop's typewriter-like design a thing of the past.

Writers now enjoy a digital keyboard custom-sized to their hands available in every language that they can speak. Artists can draw and paint without obscuring their canvas or contorting their hands with keyboard shortcuts. Sculptors can feel the clay beneath their fingertips. Animators can push and pull in 3dimensions while animating the 4th dimension, time, simultaneously. Musicians now have pressure sensitivity at all ten of their fingertips. And the list goes on and on and on.

It is the next generation of mobile device - a device designed to conquer the enemy of creativity - input - forever.



Mikebook Pro replaces keyboard shortcuts with context-aware shortcuts. It's Apple's touchbar done right. Enjoy multi-touch, gestural, and pressure-sensitive input devices that provide greater performance and precision. 

Combination input

Multi-touch, multi-hand combos make using your computer more like sitting at your workbench than poking through a filing cabinet. Combination input methods such as dictation and multi-touch are at the heart of the Mikebook Pro experience and are integrated deep into the OS.

2-Gesture Navigation

Forget clutter-prone workspaces. Mikebook Pro is optimized for in-app multi-screen mission control organization. Any command, panel, file, or option is no more than two movements away.


Mikebook Pro also gives you access to and command over memory usage. Push your device to its limits and when it chokes, know why and how to fix it.

Unleash Your True Potential

With such an advanced input device, why go back to antiquated keyboards, mice, and trackpads? When you need more power or screen real estate connect Mikebook Pro to any desktop computer and control all your favorite programs with world-class precision.

Thank you for taking a look at the imaginary Mikebook Pro, the first mobile device designed from the ground up to unleash human creativity like never before.

Write. Dictate. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Animate. Compose.

Mikebook Pro: The Enemy is Input