Idea #7: Interactive Timeline for Evernote Atlas

The Problem:

I study a lot of history and want to see how my notes relate to each other in time. Currently I have to create time periods with tags and then filter by tag. This continues to perpetuate the same problem I see in most software: the separation and compartmentalization of data.

The Solution:

Add a timeline to Evernote Atlas with variable scrubbing factors so I can see day/month/year as well as go all the way to 600BC or 1,000,000 BC. 

As I scrub the slider, notes appear and disappear from the atlas. Easy peezy. This shows me with the slide of a bar the relationship my notes have to each other in time and space. The “time” setting could be set to date created, date updated, or the new “point in time” setting for establishing the note at a specific point in time.