Idea #2: Say Goodbye to your Calendar App and Say Hello to Redline


The Problem

Our calendar apps are fundamentally flawed. Why? Because they masquerade as time management tools but in reality they are just appointment keepers. It doesn’t help me manage my time. If I sucked at time management before I use a calendar, I will still suck afterwards. What I need is a tool that helps me - that teaches me - how to manage my time. That tool needs to return to me substantially more time than it takes to use it or else there’s no point in having it.

The Solution

A revolutionary time management app that puts calendars to shame.

I call it Redline. A redline is an immovable deadline against which everything else in your life must be measured. Think of it like a dam, and the stuff you do is like rivers of jello cubes that can’t get past. Stuff just piles up until you either fix it by rescheduling your time or if you absolutely have to you can move the redline and relieve the pressure before it gets out of control.

Redline is not just a calendar app. It is an interactive time map, time manager, and time analysis tool. Your fundamental asset is time, and Redline is designed to help you use every second you have to its very fullest.

Redline shows in a single view all the time I have ahead of me and all the time that led me to this point. As you can see, my first Redline, my own death, is clearly marked. This redline cannot be deleted. I’m going to give myself a few more years because my genes are pretty good and I eat right.

While Redline is an excellent tool for organizing your past as well as your future, let’s just focus on setting it up for day-to-day usefulness like we would normally do with a calendar app.

This today button looks like a good place to start.


Here you can clearly see my default time channels. A channel is like a calendar from your calendar app, except that you restrict a channel to only certain times and days. The channel then auto-populates with tasks based on that channel’s queue. Thus, all you have to do is keep the queue full and your life literally schedules itself. So let’s just quickly move my exercise channel to after my workday, and I’m going to delete it on tuesdays and thursdays. Now let’s plan my entire week in the next 20 seconds by just adding things to the queues.

give someone control vs pull in a trad cal

Here’s my task list. Rather than type all of these in I’m just going to tap and drag this add task button which will automatically activate dictation.

[list of items lets say 6]

ok that was tough. 

but we have some problems to face. I have a deadline for this task. So I’m just going to double tap any item in my work channel to make a redline and slide it over. Notice that on friday I will have to work 3 extra hours. hm. I’m just going to shorten my lunch to 30 minutes on the next three days. There. that fixed the problem. Oh that reminds me we have a weekly meeting on thursdays. They schedule it for an hour but it usually runs over … you know what I’m just going to pull in my work calendar this is taking too long.

there. ok. so these appointments. Notice how items in the channel auto-adjust to make space for the new appointments. And wow that task that was having me work 3 hours on friday is now out of control. And there’s a conflict here with me being double-booked.

[notify meeting owner you will not attend due to double-booking]

Ok that’s resolved.

Now let’s take care of this mess and hit this friday deadline.

I wonder what would happen if (adjusts redline to literally spill over.) i’ve popped this redline into auto-spill mode which means it will fill all unchanneled time with spilled work channel until there’s literally no room left in your day. At which point it will start eating into your sleep and based on your sleep limitations it will then just start spilling over to your next day anyway, essentially saying that you just won’t be able to make the deadline, or we’re going to have to go in and do surgery on our sleep to make it work.

interesting. so basically I would have to lose sleep if I want to hit this deadline by friday.

alright so you’ve seen how redline’s channels and queues make scheduling appointments and tasks so much easier than a traditional calendar.

but this is only one thing Redline can do.

Redline also allows you to quickly scope projects (and reschudle entire projects or parts of projects), plan bucket lists, track time, filter planned vs actual (and lots of other filters), see upstream and downstream (and the cascading effects you make on the system), plan for retirement by forecasting the effects of time on your money, forecast the effects of various career moves on your time and money, help predict the time demands of having a child, pull reports on any aspect of your time, establish a monetary value for your time, and basically map or forecast any activity over time. 

Redline is truly the next generation of time management.

Why keep making appointments when you can become a master of time management?


The currency of life is time.