Idea #2: Say Goodbye to your Calendar App and Say Hello to Redline


The Problem

Our calendar apps are fundamentally flawed. Why? Because they masquerade as time management tools but in reality they are just appointment keepers. It doesn’t help me manage my time. If I sucked at time management before I use a calendar, I will still suck afterwards. What I need is a tool that helps me - that teaches me - how to manage my time. That tool needs to return to me substantially more time than it takes to use it or else there’s no point in having it.

The Solution

A revolutionary time management app that puts calendars to shame.

I call it Redline. A redline is an immovable deadline against which everything else in your life must be measured. Think of it like a dam, and the stuff you do is like rivers of jello cubes that can’t get past. Stuff just piles up until you either fix it by rescheduling your time or if you absolutely have to you can move the redline and relieve the pressure before it gets out of control.

Redline is not just a calendar app. It is an interactive time map, time manager, and time analysis tool. Your fundamental asset is time, and Redline is designed to help you use every second you have to its very fullest.

Redline is truly the next generation of time management.

Why keep making appointments when you can become a master of time management?


The currency of life is time.