mac os x

Idea #9: Task-based Multi-Application Launching

The Problem

I want to work on my comic book project (or whatever complicated project) on my computer right where I left it yesterday, but I’ve had to work on another project in the interim, so all the apps are closed out. I have to reopen all the apps (Photoshop, Sketchbook, Scrivener, Indesign, sometimes After Effects, sometimes illustrator, not to mention all my base apps of Things, Evernote, Chrome, etc) and then I have to open all the files and navigate through tons of finder windows. Not to mention organize my workspace panels in adobe software, load pallettes, brushes etc. UGH. After 10-15 minutes or more i’m finally able to get going.

Why can’t I just tell my computer “I want to continue drawing on my comic book project right where I left off” 

The Solution

Task-based, project-based application launching, file opening, and workspace arrangement.

Allow me to make the top 10 tasks I perform on my computer like spotlight bookmarks so that I don’t have to launch 5 different applications every time I change gears. In addition, you already have a list of my recently opened files and know what folders they are saved in (aka, what projects they are associated with). Just open it.

Browsers already use this concept

A “folder” of “bookmarks” can be made at the top of your browser that gives the option if you left click to open just one bookmark, or open them all at once. 


Calendars already use smart quick entry

Um why can’t spotlight do this … ? i guess it’s not the 21st century after all


The workspace feature of OS X attempts to make this feature work

the problem with workspace is it’s only plausible if you have 32+gb of RAM if you work on any kind of serious visual production work. I run 16gb on my home computer … no way I can have all those apps and files open with that. Not to mention mac laptops cap out at 16gb even the “pro” versions


Other things I want to tell my computer

Surf pinterest for more ideas for “project name” (it knows what I was researching first time so it could start there, for example)

Catch up on news on the middle east (pull up my favorite news sites and search for the middle east)

What’s happening in the lives of my classmates (pull info from all my classmates fb pages and display it like pinterest)

People with birthdays coming up in the next 6 weeks (pull from fb or calendar)

Purge duplicate photos using XXXXX app

Make a photo book using flickr not apple photos

I’d like to write in my journal and add some recent photos and audio

I’d like to edit that video I recorded on sunday afternoon using Premiere

I’d like to plan my week 

Other features

Give me the ability to tag certain files as “project files” these are the files that usually actively reference dependent files (aka,“assets” in my industry). The name is irrelevant its the ability to create these dependencies I want.


Idea #3: Add Duration Times to Mac Calendar

The Problem

when resizing appointments in Mac Calendar, I get frustrated by not being able to tell precise durations. Especially troublesome for events 4+ hours long (ie, my workday)

The Solution

Just add a duration time to the bottom of the box when you start resizing it. Apple magicians get with the program it’s 2015.