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I like your work! Let's talk via Skype and get to know each other better.


How to Schedule your Interview

  1. On the form below, make sure to pick your time zone in the drop down menu. Philippine time zone should be "GMT (+8:00) Manila"

  2. Pick a time for your Skype interview and follow the steps it gives you. You will know you did it right if you get an email confirmation.

  3. You can reschedule your interview or cancel your interview using links that will be provided in your confirmation email. I will automatically be notified of any changes - no need to email me.

Interview Tips

  • You will need a web camera. It could be a phone or a computer but it needs to be easy to use and have a good enough internet connection for video.

  • You DON'T need to wear formal attire (ie, shirt & tie). Most jobs want you to do this for interviews - I don't care if you do or if you don't. All I care about is your portfolio, your personality, and other attributes that affect your work. (But don't wear your pajamas either ...)

  • The point of this interview is to discuss your portfolio. You should be ready to answer questions about whatever portfolio items you have sent me

  • Don't worry too much about the environment where you have to do the interview (ie, your house). If there is a little background noise (ie, kids, traffic, dogs) that's ok. I recognize that you may not live alone and I'm very open to family situations and work-from-home situations. In short: don't worry about it! This interview should be fun, not stressful. Remember, I used to live in the Philippines so I know exactly what it's like!

I look forward to meeting you!